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"Leadership is about knowing how to help the people around you to achieve miracles. Leaders in our network have that ability and will to help others thrive. "

Monika Hammarbäck

Search Consultant

"Successful leadership is based on a strong foundation of knowledge."

Johan Rehn

Director Executive Search & Partner

"We manage our Executive Search assignments with clear timetables, in close dialogue with our clients. Our customers see us as personal and highly committed."

Göran Fieber

Director Executive Search & Partner

"We have a consultative approach to our clients. Advice Executive Search connects business expectations to clear demands on skills and personal ability. "

Ellika Björner Sehlström

Director Executive Search & Partner

"The ability and experience of identifying candidates with unique skills, who are not actively seeking employment, is crucial to our success in Executive Search Recruitment."

Marcus Tingland

Director Executive Search

Thank you for your application!
Hello, Thank you for your interest report. We will make a first selection shortly and will return to you later in the process. You are more than welcome to contact us if you have any questions! Sincerely, Advice Executive Search
Thank you for your application!
Hello, Thank you for your resume. We save your this in our database where you will be searchable for our consultants. Please visit our website, www.advice-es.com, regularly where we expose some of the assignments. Sincerely, Advice Executive Search