Executive Search

Our total solution to the most important recruitments on the market.

About Executive Search

Our solution for recruitments of leaders and unique individuals that make a difference. These are our customers’ most important recruitments; candidates that have the ability to transform results through their competence and leadership. These candidates can be difficult to identify, may only exist outside of existing networks or simply be too attractive for our customers to be able to reach them. One thing is for certain; these candidates know their worth and has high demands.

For 20 years we have developed our network which can be an invaluable asset. However, as a niche premium partner to several of the most interesting companies in the Nordics, we have developed a method that focuses on the highest quality.

To be able to manage this, our way of offering a total solution that ensures a successful recruitment includes:

Candidate market analysis and benchmark
Exceptional candidate experience
Precise assessments
Thorough and meticulous process
Executive network

Why you Should Turn to Advice Executive Search

With us you will meet a committed team of experts. We combine experience and expertise with commitment and service. We use our business insight and experience from a wide range of industry sectors to make thorough preparations with you and secure the best possible hiring for you.

We assure that we approach and attract candidates who match your needs by combining our large candidate network with systematic and thorough research.

Our task also includes making profound analyses of the capacity and potential of the final candidates. Together we need to be sure that the candidate you hire will make the difference you need.

Our systematic follow-up of hiring success shows that more than 90% of the hirings we contribute to leads to hirings that meet or exceed set result expectations.

At Advice Executive Search you will find a number of the most experienced consultants in Sweden. We have developed our candidate network for two decades that together with our uniquely thorough and proven research give you the opportunity to get in contact with the best available candidates possible.

Thank you for your application!
Hello, Thank you for your interest report. We will make a first selection shortly and will return to you later in the process. You are more than welcome to contact us if you have any questions! Sincerely, Advice Executive Search
Thank you for your application!
Hello, Thank you for your resume. We save your this in our database where you will be searchable for our consultants. Please visit our website, www.advice-es.com, regularly where we expose some of the assignments. Sincerely, Advice Executive Search