Management Audit &

An organization's success and development are decided by its leaders. We have a long experience of finding and evaluating leaders, auditing management teams and assessing leadership.


Management Audit

Business development is always decided by the capacity of a management team. The management team’s capacity and potential should always be evaluated In connection with revisions, organizational changes and mergers. Assessing how well the individuals in the team can work together to successfully manage and develop the business is equally important. The audit will provide a solid basis for decisions on the management structure and a complete specification of appropriate structures.

We have extensive experience in assessing the capacity and potential of management teams.

Second opinion

Managers and board members are sometimes recruited through the client’s own network of contacts. When our clients have identified interesting candidates and need expert help before making a final decision, we can assure the quality of the decision by conducting an assessment of the individual’s capacity and potential for the position – we give a Second Opinion.

Second Opinion means that we support our client’s in the decision-making process by providing them with accurate judgments based on personality tests, tests of intellectual capacity, evaluation of performance in previous roles, structured interviews and reference checks. On this basis, we can accurately project the individual’s future level of success and progress in the current role and activities.

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